Growing opportunities for work

GROW is a joint initiative between the Give Where You Live Foundation and G21 – Geelong Region Alliance that is working to change the outlook for areas of high unemployment across the G21 region, including Norlane, Corio, Whittington, Moolap, and parts of Colac.

The main goal of GROW is to create more job opportunities for long-term job seekers who are missing out on opportunities, often because of lack of support, networks, training, transport and experience.

One of GROW G21’s signatories is Northern Futures, who are working to generate education and employment opportunities for people living in Geelong’s Northern suburbs.

Bryan Moore from Northern Futures said they have been a GROW signatory for over four years.

“The relationship and trust between GROW and Northern Futures gives us confidence. They have been a really good partner to us. We find that with GROW we have the connection with employers who want to make a difference and who want to give people opportunities.”

“Through introductions with GROW we have had the opportunity to meet with the employers, to explain what we do and through our educational opportunities it leads on to employment.”

Located in Geelong’s Northern suburbs, Northern Futures is delivering a tailored education and employment program to increase employment opportunities for people experiencing long term unemployment.

“If you look at the employment rate at the moment which is at 3.5%, in 3214 there are pockets of youth unemployment of 20%. Many of these people don’t have the same opportunity to get into what they might want to do. Because we have industry partners, through our education programs we can help put them into supported employment.”

Working in collaboration with GROW, industry, community and government, Northern Futures are proud to share many employment opportunity successes.

“Just the other day we had a boy who started at a GROW signatory at CLOS. He’s been out there for about two years now. Originally, he came through our Engineering certificate 2 program which he did at the Gordon TAFE. About six months ago he was put on an apprenticeship, and he has now just purchased a house. So, it’s a really good story for him.”

Bryan said that Northern Futures also enjoys a strong partnership with GROW Signatory, Air Radiators, which has also resulted in significant employment opportunities across the region.

“Through the relationship with Air Radiators and GROW, I think we’ve put at least a dozen people out there into work over the last four years. We’re talking about some really disadvantaged young people who are now successfully employed.”

“One boy hadn’t worked for a long time and he ended up at Air Radiators where he is now one of the Team Leaders. These are the opportunities that no one hears a lot about.”

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