Why do we exist

The Give Where You Live Foundation exists to make our community fairer. By creating a fairer G21 community we are ensuring that all people and places thrive.

Despite growing prosperity in our region, inequality and inequity still exist – so we do too.

We work to remove barriers and create opportunities for people experiencing inequality. To ensure that everyone has equitable access to food, housing, education, employment, and mental health and addiction support.

We exist to provide opportunities to not only individuals but to organisations. Opportunities like funding for vital programs for our Community Partners and opportunities to increase employment options and pathways in collaboration with our GROW Signatories.

Our work is to see what needs to be changed and work with our community to address that change in a creative and holistic way.



To make a fairer, more equitable community.


We want to be recognised as one of the most progressive Foundations in Australia.


We will use all our energy and resources, in partnership with the community, so that all people and all places thrive.

TrustCreating Trust

At the core of every relationship is trust. We choose to start from trusting in other’s motivations, knowledge, expertise and experiences

Working togetherWorking Together

We’re better together. The best outcomes are a result of partnerships, collective action and the wisdom of crowds.

DriveWorking with Drive

We value action, getting things done and are driven by achieving outcomes that match our purpose.

Being boldBeing Bold

We value the imaginative. Those that can imagine a better way and then pursue that with courage and care.

FunHaving Fun

While change can be complex and challenging, we value the perspective that fun and good humour brings to this work.

Theory of change

The Foundation’s Theory of Change is our hypothesis about how we can address inequity within our region in the most effective and efficient way to achieve a greater and long-lasting impact.

Our Theory of Change was developed with input and involvement from key stakeholders including the Give Where You Live Board, Give Where You Live staff, community partners, donors, corporate partners, service experts, Loaned Executives, Life Members, grant review panellists and Workplace Givers.

View the Give Where You Live Foundation’s Theory of Change in its entirety along with its supporting evidence:

Theory of change PDF