2021 Survive & Thrive Grants

Grants awarded in June 2021 through the Give Where You Live Foundation’s Survive and Thrive grant area seek to provide support those across our community who are experiencing a life inhibiting crisis by:

  • Supporting immediate basic needs, and
  • Supporting the building of resilience and sense of belonging and acceptance as protective factors.

Give Where You Live Foundation Geelong survive and thrive grant round impact stats

The following 22 grants were awarded to support programs working to assist some of the most vulnerable people across the wider Geelong region, not only survive but thrive.

Survive & Thrive grant recipients 2021:

3216 Connect

$1,500 + $3,000

3216 Connect operate from their Op Shop in Dendle Street, Grovedale, raising valuable funds to provide nutritious meals to those vulnerable community members experiencing financial hardship.

3216 Connect received a grant of $1,500 which will fund the purchase of a ‘Square’ terminal to facilitate payments at their op shop in Grovedale. 3216 Connect also received $3,000 which will assist with the provision of Direct Assistance Food vouchers for
community members within the 3216 postcode.

ADRA Community Care


The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Community Care Centre in Geelong, (Share Kitchen) has been in operation for over 30 years addressing food insecurity by providing nutritious meals to those in need.

ADRA received a grant of $5,000 that will help to purchase food items so they can continue to deliver nutritious food alongside a community which is dedicated to seeing others thrive.

Bellarine Living & Learning Centre


Located in Whittington, the Bellarine Living and Learning Centre (BLLC) provides residents within the greater 3219 postcode with opportunities to socialise, learn and connect to their local community.

BLLC received a grant of $30,000 to continue to address food insecurity by providing healthy and nutritious food options and to promote social inclusion to Whitington and surrounding suburbs.

Barwon Disability Resource Council


Barwon Disability Resource Centre (BDRC) exists to advocate for the rights, and social and economic inclusion for all. BRDC has a 45-year track record in reducing disadvantage, supporting individuals to participate in the community and making a difference for people in our community living with disabilities and their families.

BDRC received a grant of $23,950 to provide individual advocacy and self-advocacy support to those living with disabilities to ensure their full participation within the community. This grant will also allow BDRC to continue to build resilience and provide crisis support through their human rights advocacy work.
This grant is supported by AWA Alliance Bank, supporting our community to reduce isolation and increase social connection.

Bethany Community Support


For 153 years, Bethany have been providing community support and educational services to families and individuals in Barwon and Western Victoria. Bethany runs programs that assist our community’s most vulnerable people, striving to break the cycle of disadvantage and create new opportunities.
Bethany received a $40,000 grant to build capacity within the Barwon region for workforces, tenants and real-estate agents to enable them to support women escaping family violence and others needing housing quickly and efficiently through their Skill2Build program.

Christ Church Community Meals


The Christ Church Community Meals Program provides valuable contributions to the Geelong community by providing nutritious and balanced food assistance to community members particularly those who are experiencing homelessness. Run entirely by volunteers, the Community Meals Program provides cooked breakfasts and evening meals to members of the community who come from a range of backgrounds.

The Christ Church Community Meals program received a $5,000 grant to address the nutritional gap that arose when they moved to a takeaway service by allowing for the purchase and distribution of nutritional breakfast drinks for those experiencing food insecurity.

Common Ground Project


Common Ground Project is a not-for-profit farm in Freshwater Creek that uses regenerative agricultural practices to restore the land and the environment. Through their Staying Grounded project, Common Ground uses the crops grown on their farm to provide training and meals to those in need.

Common Ground received an $18,000 grant to support their innovative Staying Grounded project which teaches community members vital and transferable skills in hospitality and agriculture. Not only do the participants learn new skills, but they also use these skills to supply emergency food relief to those in need.

Community Veracity


The Power in You project offers a holistic, therapeutic approach to benefit those who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing challenges related to substance misuse and mental health. Their innovative approach reflects their vision to become the new standard of care for those at risk within the community.

The Power in You project received a $10,000 grant to engage external services including personal training, weightlifting, self-defense, cooking, nutrition and art therapy classes to assist participants in finding healthy outlets and rebuilding their self-worth.



Diversitat has provided specialist services in settlement, training, youth services, financial counselling, disability, and aged support for over 45 years.

Diversitat received a $40,000 grant to fund the implementation of the “A Room to Grow” program, a prevention and early intervention program focused on a co-design process to create a safe and culturally appropriate space for women to access support and promote social inclusion.
This grant is supported by AWA Alliance Bank, supporting our community to reduce isolation and increase social connection.

Drysdale Family Support


Drysdale Family Support assist the local community by providing relief from food insecurity through their Foodbank program, counselling service and a second-chance op shop.

Drysdale Family Support received a grant of $30,000 which will create employment opportunities within the Foodbank program, including the part-time employment of both a Coordinator and Bookkeeper. The additional employees will ensure the Foodbank can continue to support the Drysdale community.

Feed Me Bellarine


Feed Me is a food rescue and relief organisation saving food from landfill to feed those in need. It is currently estimated that the program provides meals to over 1000 families every week, with need increasing by an additional 20 families per week.

Feed Me Bellarine received a $10,000 grant to assist with the purchase of a new oven to increase their capacity from 6000 meals per week to 8000 meals each week.

Foundation 61


Foundation 61 provides a live-in community in Mt Duneed for men dealing with life-controlling issues. This live-in community provides a 15-bed residential service where participants are offered care, training, and work skills to assist in their recovery and re-integration back into their community.

Foundation 61 received a $40,000 grant to support the programs provided at the live-in community and to expand their services to assist women to overcome social and physical isolation through social and recreational activities.

Geelong Food Relief Centre


Geelong Food Relief Centre (GFRC) provides access to emergency food relief for those experiencing social or financial hardships. Currently, GFRC operate two fully stocked minimarts (within the Geelong CBD and North Geelong) and will soon operate Regional Victoria’s first Emergency Food Distribution Hub.

Geelong Food Relief Centre received a $10,000 grant to assist in offsetting the purchase, storage and distribution costs of their minimart program to ensure they can
provide fresh and nutritious food to the community.

Geelong Mums


Geelong Mums exists to provide safety, opportunity and dignity for children and families in the Geelong region. Striving to ensure all children and families are happy, healthy and safe, Geelong mums provides access to material aid including clothing, nappies, toys and prams.

Geelong Mums received a $31,500 grant to drive community connection and reduce social isolation through the targeted recruitment of volunteers who will, in turn, support families impacted by family violence, addiction, mental health challenges or family breakdown to access necessary material aid.

Lazarus Community Centre


Lazarus Community Centre provides a safe space for people experiencing homelessness or social isolation. This safe and welcoming space is used by the community to meet, eat, undertake activities, launder clothes and connect with other people within the community.

Lazarus Community Centre received a $20,000 grant to assist the expansion of their services from 5 days per week to 7 days, ensuring those in need can access support every day.

Norlane Community Initiatives


Norlane Community Initiatives is a community-led ‘place-making’ organisation with the vision to create a healthy, sustainable and inclusive neighbourhood utilising a holistic and whole-of-neighbourhood approach.

Norlane Community Initiatives received a $40,000 grant to support their residents to address food insecurity by implementing community-led food initiatives and social gatherings designed to promote health, wellbeing and social inclusion.
This grant is supported by AWA Alliance Bank, supporting our community to reduce isolation and increase social connection.

Ocean Mind


Ocean Mind is an early intervention program delivering therapeutic surfing programs for young people with mental health challenges and disabilities or experiencing social isolation.

Ocean Mind received a $40,000 grant to ensure they can continue to meet the demand for their evidence-based, therapeutic surfing interventions which encourage self-efficacy, community connection and the development of new skills.
This grant is supported by AWA Alliance Bank, supporting our community to reduce isolation and increase social connection.

OneCare Geelong


OneCare Geelong is a community hub committed to delivering programs that build community connection, inspire hope, and empower their participants. The services offered by OneCare Geelong promote opportunities for social connection and provide immediate support for those who are socially isolated.

OneCare received a $40,000 grant to fund the Thrive project which includes the COACH Mentoring and Eat Share Thrive programs. These programs actively support those experiencing social isolation or food insecurity through the provision of services that promote community participation, nurture meaningful relationships and support the attainment of life goals.
This grant is supported by AWA Alliance Bank, supporting our community to reduce isolation and increase social connection.

Riding for the Disabled – Barwon Centre


Riding for the Disabled – Barwon Centre enables children with a disability to experience the enjoyment and sense of achievement that comes from horse riding. This program challenges and empowers their participants, resulting in more socially competent and connected young people.

Riding for the Disabled – Barwon Centre received an $8,000 grant to assist with expenses related to the delivery of the program, including the cost of the facility’s riding arenas and to help ensure participants have the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.

Samaritan House Geelong


Samaritan House Geelong provides a welcoming and safe home for men experiencing housing instability and life crisis while assisting them to transition toward a brighter future.

Samaritan House Geelong received a $22,900 grant to support the Accommodation Living Skills program: a 12-week residential program providing men experiencing homelessness with the knowledge and skills to secure stable, long-term accommodation.

Solve Disability Solutions


Solve Disability Solutions has been providing customised equipment solutions to people living with a disability since 1975. Commercially available equipment, though accessible, is not always the best solution; Solve Disability Solutions works to create tailored solutions based on the individual needs of the individual.

Solve Disability Solutions received a $10,000 grant to assist in providing tailored, needs-based equipment to people living with a disability. Modified equipment can enrich lives and ensure those with a disability can participate more fully and independently in their home, work, and school lives.

The Outpost


The Outpost, Inc exists for the purpose of providing support to those experiencing housing instability, addiction, or mental health challenges, though the provision of food and material aid within the City of Greater Geelong and its surrounds.

The Outpost received a $24,130 grant to ensure they can continue to remain operational and support the community long-term. As an organisation that relies solely on donations and funding, this grant is crucial in ensuring the longevity of the organisation by subsidising their overhead costs.

The Sanctuary Counselling Centre


For over 25 years, the Sanctuary Counselling Centre has offered a full suite of specialised support for people living with a life-challenging illness or those experiencing bereavement.

The Sanctuary Counselling Centre received a $30,000 grant to ensure that their specialised support for those experiencing a life-challenging illness or bereavement is affordable and accessible for all, continuing to promote strength and healthy coping skills to prevent the mental health repercussions that can be caused by life-changing loss.

The Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre


The Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre offers a full suite of services ranging from prevention to response for people impacted by sexual assault and for women, children and young people impacted by family violence.

The Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre received a $39,774 grant which will enable them to deliver a prevention education program with the Bannockburn Football & Netball Club. This program will increase awareness and understanding of what sexual assault and family violence is, how to progress gender equality and what healthy, safe, and respectful relationships look like.

Uniting Victoria & Tasmania


Uniting (VicTas) provides support across the spectrum of social issues – from promoting social inclusion to supporting those experiencing housing instability, addiction, or mental health challenges.

Uniting (VicTas) received a $40,000 grant to help eliminate accommodation insecurity through the employment of a dedicated Housing & Homelessness Worker who will provide advice, information and practical help for people experiencing homelessness or who are vulnerably housed. Additionally, this worker will work with participants to build community connections and develop life skills and capacity.

Wesley Church Geelong


The Wesley Church Geelong is actively involved in promoting inclusiveness within the community through their involvement in civic life and engagement and support of people experiencing marginalised circumstances.

Wesley Church Geelong received a $7,500 grant which will assist in funding the Our Welcome Place program, providing regular access to culturally appropriate foods to those who are seeking asylum or who only have temporary protection in Australia, during periods of no or limited income or other financial difficulty. They also received $2,500 to assist with the provision of Direct Assistance Food vouchers.