You can make a huge difference

Are you able to make a monthly contribution to your community?

Not only does your monthly contribution go towards helping your community on a consistent basis, but there are many other benefits to regular giving. Like reducing administration costs. Because our resources aren’t being directed towards constantly looking for new streams of income, we can get to work investing more of your donation in our community.

Plus, regular donations help us future-proof our organisation and our community.

Regular giving provides us with some certainty around how much money is coming in. Now why is that important? Every donation earned in a financial year is spent in that financial year. Which means it’s great for our donors and our community because there is a quite immediate return on investment, but can definitely make it difficult to plan initiatives for the future of the organisation. Regular giving provides us with the ongoing support needed to sustain us in our mission for a fairer community.

Can you help the Foundation to continue making big impacts within our region? Click here to set up your regular giving and join the Foundation in combating inequality in our region.