Become a Corporate Giver

Is your organisation looking for ways to give back to your community? Maybe looking for a way to engage and retain staff? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to stand out amongst your competitors?

Corporate Giving is the perfect way to bring corporate social responsibility to life in your organisation. Not only does corporate giving enhance a business’s reputation in the community, but it’s a method proven time and time again to improve workplace culture, strengthen social license to operate and attract and retain employees.

We are lucky to live in a region with growing prosperity, but the distribution of this wealth is not equal. From a business-perspective, the more prosperous our region, the more opportunities for your business to grow and develop. And the more that prosperity is shared, the larger your potential customer base. So not only will you be a part of creating a positive change in our community, you’ll be investing in your own future too by investing in future markets and creating a sense of goodwill across your region.

Want to learn more about what benefits corporate giving can bring to your organisation? Email Jackie Price, Partnerships Manager, at to discuss how we can help you help your community.