Community Grant Review Panel

Are you looking for a way to give back to the community you live in?

For close to 70 years the Give Where You Live Foundation has created positive social change across our region through our grants program.

As part of our commitment to building a fairer community in the Geelong region, we have community members participate in the review of applications to our grant rounds through our Community Grant Review Panel.


What is the Community Grant Review Panel?

The Community Grant Review Panel consists of volunteers from the community who read and review 3-4 grant applications, before attending a panel discussion session with other reviewers. The community review forms part of our decision-making when allocating funding to applications.

We estimate the time commitment required to be around 4-5 hours across 3-4 weeks, including attendance at an orientation session and panel discussion session.

How do I get involved?

Read the Position Description

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We are not currently seeking applications for the Community Grant Review Panel 


Frequently Asked Questions

When are your Community Grant Review Panels run?

The Give Where You Live Foundation is undertaking a significant review across all areas of our impact work, including our grants program, to challenge ourselves to think more deeply about what unique value and contribution we can make to create a more equitable and fairer region.

We are not currently seeking applications for the Community Grant Review Panel.


How do I become a Community Grant Review Panellist?

You can register your expression of interest with us at any time to be notified when a Community Grant Review Panel opportunity is coming up.
When we are actively recruiting for panellists, you will be able to register via our registration form.


Who can become a Community Grant Review Panellist?

Anyone can! We welcome people who represent all aspects of our community to register for this opportunity. If you have read the Position Description and would like some more information about getting involved, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team via or phone us on (03) 5229 4364.


What’s involved in being a Community Grant Review Panellist?

Read the full Position Description here!


Where can I find more information about the Give Where You Live Foundation’s Grants Program?

You can find more information about our grants on our Grants Page.

Looking for more information? Get in touch! Our grants team can be contacted via email at or by phone (03) 5229 4364


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