Grants at Work

Every day in our community, Foundation grants are hard at work. Because social issues don’t rest, so the work of our Community Partners doesn’t either.

The 2020-2021 financial year saw the Give Where You Live Foundation invest over $2.6 million into the Geelong community, including $1.6 million in grants alone.

Over the past year, our grants have contributed to the following outcomes:

  • 531 CHILDREN supported with early years learning
  • 733 PEOPLE impacted by sexual assault and family violence provided improved access to therapeutic group and training programs
  • 352 PEOPLE supported with access to housing
  • 689 CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE provided education, mental health and social connection support
  • 724 PEOPLE provided counselling, social connection and support during a time of crisis
  • 137 PEOPLE living with a disability supported with education, employment and social connection
  • 41 STUDENTS & MOTHERS of a refugee background supported with social connection and job readiness skills
  • 117 PEOPLE supported with rehabilitation and recovery support
  • 21 FIRST NATIONS YOUNG WOMEN supported to pursue health careers
2020-2021 Grants at Work

The following is a snapshot of some of the Grants at Work:

Pitch-up-pink-solidPITCH UP GEELONG

$127,000 invested across 3 Pitch Up Geelong grants.

House-pink-rSURVIVE & THRIVE

$617,254 invested across 26 Survive & Thrive grants.


An additional $131,605 invested into 15 Education & Employment extension programs.


1 Emergency grant for $6,500.

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