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Advocating for the inclusion of all

May 29, 2017

Thanks to your donations, Barwon Disability Resource Council (BDRC) is supporting those working with and beside people with disabilities, their families and carers to address their needs and lessen disadvantage and discrimination through the advocacy program Assert 4 All.

A $25,000 grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation enables BDRC to provide both systemic and individual advocacy with the aim of promoting rights and social inclusion for all.

Cameron* is one such individual who has benefitted from individual advocacy, needing assistance to apply for the Disability Support Pension (DSP) after having been unsuccessful twice before.

Assert 4 All ‘stands beside’ people with disabilities to help them speak up for what they need and a BDRC Advocate assisted Cameron to complete a new claim with Centrelink, fill out the paperwork with Cameron and gather medical and Disability Employment Service and employer reports.

However after Cameron and his Advocate attended a job capacity assessment, Cameron’s claim was rejected. In response, the Advocate was able to enquire and gather feedback as to why and as a result, Cameron was given the opportunity for further job capacity assessment over the phone regarding his appeal with his Advocate present.

Lastly, the Advocate stayed in touch with the progress of the application and assisted in organising Cameron for an assessment by a Government contracted independent doctor. After only a short wait Cameron received a phone call from Centrelink informing him that he had been successful in his appeal for the DSP.

Advocacy is needed for the most vulnerable to uphold the fundamental human rights of people with a disability, to remain loyal, accountable and listen, to enable people with a disability to increase power and control over their lives and to achieve equity of access and participation in our community.

 *not his real name