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How We Make A Difference

The  Coronavirus crisis is presenting unprecedented challenges to our community and the way in which the Foundation needs to respond and react.   We are working on providing innovative and strategic ideas and solutions to government and partners to address the problems as they present across our community and to provide assistance when and where it’s needed the most.
The Give Where You Live Foundation has issued emergency grants to eight key organisations that are delivering vital services during this time of crisis.  You can read about these grants online here  
The Give Where You Live Foundation has issued the 2020 Community Grants.  You can read about these grants online here


Give Where You Live Foundation aims to address one of the most complex and entrenched social issues in our community – disadvantage.

In some parts of our community, the level of disadvantage is at alarming and unacceptable levels – we are determined to ensure that these changes.

Since 1954, the Give Where You Live Foundation has been bringing together individual community donors, corporate supporters,and service delivery community partners to help achieve our mission. With our partners and donors, e work together to Build Better Communities by providing grants and delivering programs that help provide educational and employment opportunities and support people experiencing life crises.

Our mission is to create long-term sustainable change for those suffering the effects of disadvantage. The Foundation is one of the largest annual community grantmakers in the country but our focus is on long term impact. While we are known as grantmakers, our aim is to be change-makers.

The Foundation believes (our Theory of Change) that if someone has an adequate education to obtain a sustaining and sustainable job and without being affected by a life crisis, then generally speaking they will not be affected by disadvantage.  The Foundation’s support aims to assist those for whom this is not the case.

Supporting access to high-quality education
Research confirms that ensuring access to, and supporting students through education is a pathway out of disadvantage. The education level of a person is an important predictor of future employment, welfare and health outcomes as well as improving a person’s ability to participate socially and economically within the community.

Through our Live & Learn grant program we provide grants to support the delivery of services and programs as well as our own initiatives aim to support the learning aspirations for ALL of our community’s children and young people.

Supporting access to sustaining & sustainable employment

Evidence clearly illustrates that one of the most effective ways to reduce persistent and entrenched disadvantage in a community is to reduce joblessness. The evidence says that not only do jobs need to be generated in disadvantaged communities, but they must also be actively linked to long-term job-seekers, who, in turn, require support to ensure that employment opportunity provides them with the maximum life benefit.

Through our Live & Earn grant program we aim to support the delivery of services and programs, we aim to ensure EVERYONE has the opportunity to an employment pathway and has the support to secure ongoing and sustainable employment.

Through the Foundation’s GROW Initiative (G21 Region Opportunities for Work) we are working, in partnership with G21 Geelong Region Alliance, to ensure employment opportunities are created within areas experiencing long-term and persistent disadvantage. GROW is a unique regional strategy that focuses on specific target areas of place-based, entrenched disadvantage. Through strategic alignment and catalysing collective action, GROW is helping to create employment opportunities using the existing economic levers of social procurement and impact investment. Importantly, GROW aims to ensure that jobs opportunities flow to our most disadvantaged communities, initially focusing on target areas: Norlane, Corio, Whittington and Colac.

Promoting wellbeing & limiting a life crisis 

A life crisis can be debilitating, limiting, and sometimes life altering to a point of devastation. Promoting and supporting resilience while also assisting those experiencing acute and life-altering crises helps ensure people attain education, maintain employment and continue to economically and socially participate in the community. Our work in this area includes providing assistance to those experiencing: relationship breakdowns, severe loss (of a loved one, job, home), physical health issues, violence and trauma and mental health challenges.

Through our Survive & Thrive grants program we provide grants to support the delivery of services and programs, we aim to reduce the impact of a life crisis (such as homelessness and food insecurity) as a debilitating effect on people’s lives and support the prevention and early intervention efforts related to family violence and sexual assault, addiction, mental health, and family breakdown.

Through the Foundation’s FEED GEELONG program, we are working to improve the immediate food security of those most in need by providing Direct Assistance Vouchers that give recipients access to emergency food (as well as pharmacy products, and material aid such as furniture).  Feed Geelong also provides grants to community organisations that are, rescuing and distributing food, providing bulk food assistance to clients, and those that provide cooked meals to members of the community that otherwise would not eat.

Innovation Grants

Innovation Grants

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Grant Recipients

Grant Recipients

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Strategic Initiatives


Through the Give Where You Live Foundation’s GROW Initiative we are working, in partnership with G21 Geelong Region Alliance,…

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