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The Return to the Workplace Series of Workshops

June 23, 2020

Covid-19 has completely disrupted how many of us traditionally work. Working remotely, using new technology, and the blending of our home and work lives – all stressful challenges that we face in the new world.

As part of our commitment towards caring for and creating a stronger Geelong community, the Give Where You Live Foundation invites you to our ‘Return to the Workplace Series’ of workshops – a series of 30-minute zoom-based workshops to help you navigate the complexities and stresses of working in 2020 to help you to understand the ‘new normal’.

The workshops are run by experts and business leaders from right here in Geelong, and offer and ideas, thoughts and solutions to many of the problems that we now face.


Workshop 1

A huge thank you to Frances McAloon & Julie Yeo from Drummond Street Services and all who attended the Parent’s Returning to Work After Covid-19 workshop.

The workshop provided parents with adaptation techniques for an effective work-life balance in the post COVID era, and taught attendees how to handle the anxiety and uncertainty of juggling working from home and the office.

You can view the Presentation from the Workshop here, and view the video of the Workshop below.


Workshop 2

A big thank you to Carli Saw from Strawberry Seed Consulting and all who attended the ‘Your HR Questions Answered’ Workshop.

Carli provided some fantastic insights into the uncertainties around the rights of employees and employers, as well as some insights into navigating office relationships in the remote workplace.

You can view Carli’s presentation in the Video Below.


Workshop 3

The Give Where You Live Foundation is thrilled to bring you Workshop #3 in the Return to Workplace Series where a panel of Geelong’s leading IT business leaders will discuss how you can make the most of the remote workplace through technology.

You’ll learn to use technology to ensure efficient, productive, connected and engaged output from you and your team through the current and ongoing remote working environment.

Presenters: Chris Davies, Evologic; Tim Clark, ConnectTel; Stan Corner, BTS

Date: Thursday 16 July, 12.30 pm – 1.00 pm via Zoom

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