Combating Social Exclusion Through Arts-based Community Programs

Studies have shown that one in five Australians are living with a disability. Unfortunately, these people are exceedingly vulnerable to suffering the effects of social exclusion. These effects can result in extreme feelings of worthlessness and loneliness and hinder social and academic development.

Thanks to your donations, a $10,000 grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation has assisted in funding the Back to Back Theatre’s Community Programs, which aim to provide social, cultural and economic engagement for disabled people in our region.

Back to Back Theatre is a renowned performing arts organisation that provides people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in programs of professional theatre-making and creativity. The company create new work in Geelong before touring their productions on a local, national and international level with an ensemble of five actors.

The profound impact of Back to Back’s Community Programs is demonstrated by participant and now touring ensemble member, Victoria Marshall. After just 18 months with Back to Back’s Community Program ‘Theatre of Speed’ and stunning the audition panel, Victoria’s life has completely transformed. This year she will embark on a national and international tour with the company, where she will have the opportunity to perform at some of the world’s most prestigious venues and festivals.

“Theatre of Speed makes me feel welcome to be here, and I love doing the new stuff. Nothing worries me at Back to Back Theatre,” Victoria says.

Victoria is just one of thousands in our region who have been positively impacted by Back to Back’s Community Programs. By donating to the Give Where You Live Foundation, you are ensuring people like Victoria have the opportunity to engage in these programs, while ultimately working towards the prevention of social exclusion in our community.