Becoming school ready

Studies have shown that children who do not develop the basic foundations of education from an early age are less likely to reach their full potential later in life.

With thanks to your donations, a $19,300 grant is supporting the Ardoch Youth Foundation to increase engagement in education and support the school readiness and transitions of children aged 4-6years in disadvantaged Geelong communities through the Education Volunteers Program and Broadening Horizons experiences.

One volunteer who has been part of the program since 2017 is Hazel.  Growing up in England in an affluent neighbourhood and pursuing a career in journalism, improving educational outcomes for children in disadvantaged communities is now a focal point for Hazel since moving to Geelong 11 years ago.

Ardoch’s Education Volunteers Program provides in-classroom support for a minimum of two hours per week for six months. This allows students to receive 1-on-1 or small group support with literacy and other areas of the curriculum while also building relationships with an adult role model and fostering a positive learning space.

“I help the classroom teacher by facilitating an organised environment for kids to play in. We do everything from Simon Says, STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities and encourage kids to play together nicely. A lot of these children don’t have the opportunity to do this in their home-setting. Hazel explains “Unless you’ve been brought up in a world that’s been a little unfair, you wouldn’t understand exactly how much these kids need role models and people to help them.”

Thanks to your donations, in 2019, 24 Education Volunteers will be placed into Geelong schools supporting the education and primary school transition for 288 children.