Welcome to new Platinum Partner: AWA Alliance Bank



AWA Alliance Bank is the story of a successful transition from an industry-based credit union to a social enterprise who invest all their profits back into its members to support the community.  This year we are thrilled to welcome AWA Alliance Bank to our Tiered Partner donor suite.

Known formerly as the AWA Credit Union and having provided banking services to Alcoa staff, today, AWA Alliance Bank is still committed to enhancing the prosperity of the local community and in doing so has strengthen its ties with the Geelong community through Platinum Partnership with the Foundation.

AWA Alliance Bank Chief Executive Officer Graeme Scannell says “We are looking forward to supporting our local community and making Geelong a better place to live for all people.  Our business model and philosophy is very different to traditional banking models. We return the majority of profit to members and their communities with a focus on ensuring we raise awareness of the challenges in our region and bring people together to build a better society.

One of their priorities is to provide a socially conscious alternative within the banking sector. Along with their support for the Give Where You Live Foundation Community Connections Grants, AWA also aims to raise awareness of issues surrounding social inclusion.

Fulfilling their strong social enterprise and philanthropic values, we look forward to working with the AWA Alliance Bank as a Platinum Partner moving forward.

Above: AWA Alliance Bank’s Graeme Scannell, John Lehmann, Brandon Curtis, Mitch Grinter and Paul Brennan