Supporting our community members experiencing bereavement

Through your donations, those experiencing the loss of an infant or child are being supported to build their strength and resilience with the aim of resuming a new normality in life by becoming healthy, productive, contributing, relational members of the community.

Each year, in our region, another 240 mothers and grandmothers are added to those remembering a child who is still in their hearts, but no longer here.  A $10,000 grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation allows Hope Bereavement Services to provide a complimentary, qualified advice, support and counsel to mothers and their families and aims to provide them with the skills and assistance they require to face life again following the death of their child. Jenny* is one mother who understandably finds Mother’s Day difficult.

“I think the rest of the world has lost sight of the difference between being a mother and being a parent. Our children, who are no longer with us, may not be here for us to parent – but we are still mothers. The world around you may not acknowledge you the way you deserve or the way you would like. They may not say your child’s name or see just how you continue to mother them despite their absence. They may be blind to it all or perhaps they just don’t know what to say.”

Available to any person in our region who is impacted in this way, this service enables people to become more resilient in dealing with the challenges and situations that may occur later in life and has assisted many parents and families including Jenny.

*Not her real name