BIG Blitz




Give Where You Live is blitzing Geelong’s small to medium businesses throughout the month of March asking them to think BIG and become Give Where You Live BIG Partners. The BIG (Business Investing in Geelong) Program provides an opportunity for businesses of any size to make a significant contribution to support our region’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged people. The Program is about small businesses joining together, each making a small manageable monthly donation (from as little as $50) that together will make a BIG difference. The BIG Program was introduced in the wake of the changing Geelong economic environment following the closure of Alcoa Point Henry and the pending closure of the Ford Australia Plant, seeing a huge shift in philanthropic donations.

Give Where You Live CEO, Bill Mithen said, “There’s a great opportunity for Geelong’s small to medium businesses to take the baton from the traditional large corporations and really make a difference to the community in which they operate.”

In its first year, the Program has received strong support from a variety of business sectors. “We are proud that the BIG Program has already seen over 90 local businesses join together to raise over $90,000 over this past year.  It’s a perfect demonstration of how a small donation can collectively have a big impact in our community” Bill added.

Give Where You Live has a target of welcoming its 200th BIG Partner during 2015 and encourages all Geelong business big or small to consider their contributions to the Geelong community and how their donations (big or small) can help to Build a Better Geelong.

Joining the BIG Program is so easy and you can become a Partner for as little as $50 per month.  For further information or to sign up to the Give Where You Live BIG Program click here or phone 5229 4364.