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There is a great opportunity for Geelong’s small to medium businesses to take the baton from the traditional large corporations and really make a difference to the community in which they operate.

The BIG Program is aimed at Geelong’s small to medium businesses. By joining together and each making a small manageable monthly donation, these businesses can really make a BIG difference.

There are approximately 6,000 small to medium businesses in the Geelong region. Each one has the potential to be part of the program by making a monthly donation of as little as $50 per month.  Imagine the impact this will have on our region’s most disadvantaged

It’s not about giving a lot – it’s about a lot giving something

As a business owner, you can make a judgement on what you feel is a manageable monthly amount.  A small business may choose the minimum $50 per month, other businesses may comfortably manage $100 or $200 per month. The decision is yours – but please consider joining with other local businesses and think BIG!

Please complete the BIG Program pledge form now.

You can become a BIG partner by making your monthly donation via:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Direct Debit | Download Request Form
  3. Direct Credit
    Bendigo Bank
    BSB: 633 000
    Account Number: 109 017 772

BIG Partners will receive the following benefits:randing will clearly identify your business as

• Signage for your business

• Framed BIG Partner certificate

• Inclusion on the Give Where You Live website Business Directory

• Acknowledgement in Give Where You Live Annual Report and marketing material where applicable

For further information on how your organisation can join the BIG Program please contact us.

BIG Business Directory

Give Where You Live encourages you to utilise the services of businesses who support us through major partnerships or via the BIG program. See the BIG business directory for more information.