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What is Workplace Giving?
Workplace Giving is a small regular donation from your pay (its generally taken out pre-tax). It’s coordinated by your employer’s payroll and is a simple and really effective way to make a real difference to the lives of people living with the effects of disadvantage in your community.

Watch the video below for an introduction into Workplace Giving from Give Where You Live Foundation CEO, Bill Mithen!

Give Where You Live Foundation Workplace Giving Program
By signing up to the Give Where You Live Foundation Workplace Giving Program you’ll be making a real difference to your community.

For over 60 years, thousands of Geelong workers have been donating to the Foundation’s Workplace Giving Program. It’s the backbone of the Give Where You Live Foundation’s fundraising.

Your contributions this year will ensure the Foundation can continue running its programs such as GROW (G21 Opportunities for Work), Feed Geelong and a major Direct Assistance Voucher Program as well as ensuring grants of over $1.15 million (during 2020) are allocated to assist organisations to deliver programs and services across your region assisting those living with the effects of disadvantage.

How can I sign up to Workplace Giving?
You can sign up to commence Workplace Giving by contacting your payroll officer to commence deduction or have a Loaned Executive present to your workplace online during August 2020.  Alternatively, you can sign up online here.  If your organisation does not as yet facilitate Workplace Giving have your payroll or HR department give us a call on 5229 4364 or and we can get you started.

Further information about Workplace Giving:
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For further information on starting Workplace Giving for your organisation, please refer to our information sheet here Workplace Giving or please contact us via or phone us on 5229 4364.