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Welcome to the 2018 team of Loaned Executives!

We are thrilled to welcome on board the 52nd group of Loaned Executives to the Foundation. The business executives from across the region have completed a 2 day training program which included one of our Seeing Is Believing Tours. The group of 25 are now ready to visit Geelong workplaces and present an update on what the Give Where You Live Foundation is, on our community and to thank all current Workplace Givers for their contributions throughout the year.

Does your workplace offer Workplace Giving? If yes, thank you!

If no, why not? Get started today by scheduling a visit from one of our Loaned Executives throughout August and September!

Please contact Sara Taylor, Partnerships Manager via email or by phone on 5229 4364.

About the Loaned Executive Program:
Now in its 52nd year, the Loaned Executive Program is a unique professional development opportunity for Geelong employees looking to further their career and give back to our community.

Each year the Loaned Executive team play a pivotal role in the success of the Foundation’s Workplace Giving Program.  Following 2 days of training and preparation including understating the local need and the work being undertaken to address it) the Loaned Executive then set out on an 8 week journey presenting to local workers and encouraging them to sign up to the Foundation’s Workplace Giving program as well as ensuring that our 200 participating businesses and close to 4,000 donors are thanked and updated on the impact of their donations.

The Loaned Executive Program provides:

  • A fantastic opportunity to network! Meet like minded business professionals and gain exposure to a range of organisations within the Geelong and G21 region
  • Professional Development Skills including public speaking, sales techniques and team work as well as an overall growth in confidence
  • Awareness of the issues affecting the Geelong and G21 community, including the iconic Seeing Is Believing Tour and in-training presentations

With an alumni of over 1,500 past participants, this iconic program is a must have on your resume!

For further information, please read the 2018 Loaned Executive Program.

Hear from the 2016 Group of Loaned Executives on why YOU should be involved!