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Loaned Executive Program

Running every year since 1966, the Loaned Executive program is a unique professional development opportunity for Geelong employees looking to further their career and give back to our community.


Each year the Loaned Executive team plays a pivotal role in the success of the Foundation’s Workplace Giving Program.  Upon completion of the training, you’ll set out on a 6-week journey, providing presentations to your own work teams and local organisations, while encouraging local workers to sign up the Foundation’s Workplace Giving program and ensuring that close to 4,000 Workplace Giving donors are thanked and updated on the impact of their donations.

Download the Loaned Executive Program Brochure here.
Read the Loaned Executive Position Description here.


The Loaned Executive Program provides:

A personal experience you’ll never forget.  You’ll gain an understanding of the issues affecting those living with the day to effects of disadvantage across the wider Geelong community and meet the people who are doing something about it.  You’ll immerse yourself in the world of the Give Where You Live Foundation (becoming one of the team) and gain a deeper understanding of the need in our community.  Best of all, you will be doing something to help, and that feels really good.

A fantastic opportunity to network.  Meet like-minded employees from various work environments and roles across Geelong and gain exposure to a range of organisations within the greater Geelong region.

Professional Development Skills. Including public speaking, sales techniques, and teamwork, as well as overall growth in confidence.


With alumni of over 1,800 past participants, this iconic program is a must-have on your resume for anyone who works in the wider Geelong!

Recently Cate Schreck from Lightbulb Training Solutions spoke to Foundation CEO Bill Mithen on her On the Frontline program on Ticker TV about our Loaned Executive Program and its importance to the Foundation’s Workplace Giving program.

Thank you, Cate Schreck and Ticker TV.