Survive & Thrive Grants Announcement

The 2021 Survive and Thrive Grants are out!

The Foundation is incredibly honoured to be able to announce that through your donations, the Foundation has been able to give grants to 26 amazing programs throughout the wider Geelong region. These amazing grantees are undertaking vital work every single day to ensure everyone in the community has an equitable opportunity to Survive & Thrive.

Kerry Farrance, Head of Impact says “the diversity of what we fund under this grant round is significant. We saw a diverse range of applications, and would’ve loved to be able to fund more! ”

So, what do our Survive & Thrive Grants work to address?

The Survive and Thrive Grant round focuses on supporting those experiencing a life-inhibiting crisis in two major ways:

  1. Supporting a person’s immediate basic needs (the Survive aspect)
  2. Supporting a person and the community to building resilience and create a sense of belonging and acceptance (the Thrive aspect)


But, what does it really mean to Survive & Thrive?

The Survive Aspect

To the Foundation, survival means ensuring every person has equitable access to food and shelter – two of our most basic needs as human beings.

The Survive Grants focus on just that – supporting the provision of food relief for people experiencing food insecurity and supporting people experiencing homelessness.


The Thrive Aspect

Thriving is a little more complex. A thriving community, in the eyes of the Foundation, is one that addresses factors that might contribute towards crisis. These factors include:

  • Creating capacity to prevent crisis
  • Providing resources to the community so they can be responsive and resilient when a crisis occurs

The Foundation supports thriving in the community through investing in organisations that are:

  • Undertaking prevention and early intervention programs related to family violence, sexual assault, addiction, mental health and family breakdown
  • Building resilience through supporting increased capacity and coping strategies to support resilience
  • Building community connections and reducing social isolation

These grants work in tandem to prevent life-inhibiting crisis, provide the tools to manage a life-inhibiting crisis and providing the emergency response to those in the community in need.

“What is truly great is the diversity of the community we can support through this work, whether that is supporting important conversations around respectful relationships, supporting out CALD community, or supporting anyone in our community to access our most basic right, food,” says Kerry.

The Survive & Thrive Grants are one of two grant rounds the Foundation is undertaking this year, and thanks to the generosity of our phenomenal donors, the Foundation can continue to support Surviving & Thriving in the wider Geelong region.

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