Welcome to the new financial year!

We are blown away by your generous donations to the EOFY Appeal, together you’ve raised over $80,000 for the Foundation!

Your donations will be used to support the work of the Foundation in helping to create a fairer and more equitable wider Geelong region.


By ensuring every person in the region has:

  • Equitable access to education and training
  • Sustainable and sustaining employment
  • Support to prevent life-inhibiting crisis
  • Emergency access to assistance during a life-inhibiting crisis

But do you where your donations actually go?

Throughout the year, the Foundation holds two major grant rounds, Survive & Thrive and Education & Employment to tackle the above.

These grant rounds invested over $1.6 million into the wider Geelong community over the past 12 months. Our Survive & Thrive grants will be announced on Saturday 3 July.

The work these community partners undertake is not only inspiring but vital. Their tireless dedication to bettering and equalising opportunity throughout the wider Geelong is incredible. And we can’t support them without support from you – so we thank you!

The incredible work of our community partners is not possible without your donations, and the steps you are taking to invest in your community are incredibly meaningful ones.

The Foundation also funds research to identify areas of real need to ensure our programs and initiatives can get the biggest bang for your buck! Through our GROW and Feed Geelong initiatives, the Foundation is creating sustainable and sustaining employment for locals and ensuring those experiencing food insecurity have consistent access to nutritious food options.

Your donations really do make a world of difference to people and the Foundation is so excited to continue to share these incredible stories with you.