The importance of early intervention and prevention – Survive & Thrive Grants

What does it mean to thrive?

To the Foundation, thriving is creating a community in which everyone has equitable opportunity and tools to overcome life-inhibiting crises.

And one of the best ways to do this is to prevent those crises from occurring in the first place!

Through the Survive & Thrive Grants, the Foundation invested almost $615,000 including over $230,000 in 7 local prevention and early intervention programs to ensure that those at risk in the community have the support they need to thrive in life.

Our prevention and early intervention grants focus on tackling five key areas:

  • Family violence
  • Sexual assault
  • Addiction
  • Mental Health
  • Family Breakdown

By addressing these issues in a preventative manner and during the early stages, much of the harm that leads to a life-inhibiting crisis can be minimised and people (like you and me) can be supported through these unexpected and stressful times.

“Anyone can be impacted by crisis,” says Kerry Farrance, Head of Impact, “this is something which became incredibly evident last year. There are so many unexpected events that can lead someone into crisis, and that can have ripple effects on someone’s safety, employment, education, health, etc. This is why it is so important that we invest in prevention work as well as services and support that can assist people early on. With these programs, we can prevent people falling between the cracks and having protracted crisis.”

Think about it – if you could prevent an issue from even beginning or support those that need help as soon as they need it, is that not the best-case scenario?

Rather than waiting for someone to fall into crisis, we can create a stronger community by investing in prevention and early intervention programs to ensure that a tough time in your life, doesn’t define your life.


Our prevention grants!


Community Veracity

The Power in You project offers a holistic, therapeutic approach to benefit those who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing challenges related to substance misuse and mental health. Their innovative approach reflects their vision to become the new standard of care for those at risk within the community.

The Power in You Project received a $10,000 grant to engage external services including personal training, weightlifting, self-defense, cooking, nutrition, and art therapy classes to assist participants in finding healthy outlets and rebuilding their self-worth.



Diversitat has provided specialist services in settlement, training, youth services, financial counselling, disability, and aged support for over 45 years.

Diversitat received a $40,000 grant to fund the implementation of the “A Room to Grow” program, a prevention and early intervention program focused on a co-design process to create a safe and culturally appropriate space for women to access support and promote social inclusion.

This grant is supported by the AWA Alliance Bank, supporting our community to reduce isolation and increase social connection.



Foundation 61

Foundation 61 provides a live-in community in Mt Duneed for men dealing with life-controlling issues. This live-in community provides a 15-bed residential service where participants are offered care, training, and work skills to assist in their recovery and re-integration back into their community.

Foundation 61 received a $40,000 grant to support the programs provided at the live-in community and to expand their services to assist women to overcome social and physical isolation through social and recreational activities.


Ocean Mind

Ocean Mind is an early intervention program delivering therapeutic surfing programs for young people with mental health challenges and disabilities or experiencing social isolation.

Ocean Mind received a $40,000 grant to ensure they can continue to meet the demand for their evidence-based, therapeutic surfing interventions which encourage self-efficacy, community connection, and the development of new skills.

This grant is supported by the AWA Alliance Bank, supporting our community to reduce isolation and increase social connection.


The Outpost

The Outpost, Inc exists to provide support to those experiencing housing instability, addiction, or mental health challenges, through the provision of food and material aid within the City of Greater Geelong and its surrounds.

The Outpost received a $24,130 grant to ensure they can continue to remain operational and support the community long-term. As an organisation that relies solely on donations and funding, this grant is crucial in ensuring the longevity of the organisation by subsidising their overhead costs.


The Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre

The Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre offers a full suite of services ranging from prevention to response for people impacted by sexual assault and for women, children, and young people impacted by family violence.

The Sexual Assault & Family Violence Centre received a $39,774 grant which will enable them to deliver a prevention education program with the Bannockburn Football & Netball Club. This program will increase awareness and understanding of what sexual assault and family violence is, how to progress gender equality and what healthy, safe, and respectful relationships look like.


Uniting Victoria and Tasmania

Uniting (VicTas) provides support across the spectrum of social issues – from promoting social inclusion to supporting those experiencing housing instability, addiction, or mental health challenges.

Uniting (VicTas) received a $40,000 grant to help eliminate accommodation insecurity through the employment of a dedicated Housing & Homelessness Worker who will provide advice, information, and practical help for people experiencing homelessness or who are vulnerably housed. Additionally, this worker will work with participants to build community connections and develop life skills and capacity.


Prevention and early intervention programs empower their participants before or during the early days of a potential crisis.

Programs like these help to address the root causes, before they can take a hold of someone’s life! Amazing, huh?!


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