We’re Hiring GROW Engagement – Major Projects and Procurement

This role will be an influential public face, driving outcomes involving Tier 1 Construction and State Government buyers on major projects through the Social Procurement Framework. Supporting an ambitious change agenda, engaging and supporting the supply chain involved in major projects to be action planning, undertaking systems improvements, sharing data, and reporting whilst incorporating the voice of the disadvantaged jobseeker into project/business procurement.
This role will work with different State Government departments to collaborate on contract clauses, tender response schedules, and targets to ensure through local and social procurement processes employment opportunities are created for people experiencing barriers to employment. They will also work with Tier 1 builders after a contract is awarded to ensure objectives set out in tenders are met and data is provided for reporting.
Position Description, Key Selection Criteria, and Application Details can be found online here https://www.givewhereyoulive.com.au/about/employment/