Looking for a professional challenge in 2018? Three reasons to become a Loaned Executive this year.

Each year the Loaned Executive team play a pivotal role in the success of the Foundation’s Workplace Giving Program.  Following 2 days of training and preparation including understanding the local need and the work being undertaken to address it, the Loaned Executives then set out on an 8 week journey presenting to local workers, encouraging them to sign up to the Foundation’s Workplace Giving program as well as ensuring that our 200 participating businesses and close to 4,000 donors are thanked and updated on the impact of their donations.

Will you rise to the challenge to learn new skills, create new professional networks, get involved and give back to your community? Here are three reasons to become a Loaned Executive in 2018.

  1. Be part of a unique professional development opportunity
    Something special to add to your resume, this Program is a unique opportunity to create new professional networks, enhance your public speaking skills and stand out!
  2. Be connected and SEE what is happening in our community
    Gain an insight into the real issues affecting our community and how together we can make a difference for those experiencing disadvantage.
  3. Become part of the Give Where You Live community
    In its 52 year history, the Loaned Executive Program has seen over 1,500 participants involved in assisting our community. If you’re driven and passionate, we invite you to join this special group. It’s an experience that will last a lifetime!

“I’ve gained from it a fuller heart from participating in the Loaned Executive Program, fuller appreciation for the people out there who volunteer their time and their lives to help others those less fortunate in their time of need. I also gained the knowledge of what the Give Where You Live Foundation does and how involved they are in making a difference for the better.”
Melissa Tournier, Ford Australia, Gordon Murray Award recipient 2017




For further information on the 2018 Loaned Executive Program, please click here or contact Sheridan Salmon via email or phone 5229 4364.