Your donations at work

The Importance of Partnerships In Geelong

Give Where You Live is proud to support the Stroke Association through your donations. The $25,000 grant from Give Where You Live will help the association provide Peer Support Groups in the Geelong region to improve functional independence, quality of life and social participation for stroke survivors.

The following is a reflection from the Stroke Association highlighting the importance of partnerships during the rehabilitation process:

“Jim had a stroke about a year ago. He was referred to me by the speech pathologist he is still seeing because he has Aphasia (difficulty speaking).  His wife rang me and asked if there would be some group or something else Jim could do. She, like many of the wives, is still working and though the person who has had the stroke may no longer be able to work, often the wife still can. Often the stroke survivor may need a little help to find some occupation that they can enjoy and get out of the house to do.

I recommended the ‘Blokes With Strokes’ group that meets fortnightly to Jim. The men meet and talk about a topic they are interested in and generally coping strategies for life after a stroke. Jim really enjoys this group and drives himself to it.

Jim is quite mobile and able to do physical activity. I wondered about some volunteer work for him. A number of stroke survivors had mentioned to me that volunteer agencies they had approached had not bothered to get back to them, when they enquired about volunteer work, and this made them feel discouraged and useless. I met with Uniting Care Geelong Coordinator of Volunteers, Elizabeth Hopkin.

Uniting Care Geelong has embraced the possibility of finding volunteer work for stroke survivors who may have some difficulties with their speech, memory or physically but are still keen to contribute to the community. The partnership between the Stroke association and Uniting Care Geelong shows how organisations can enhance the work we all do and support one another.

Elizabeth has found suitable volunteer tasks for Jim to do. He meets at the building twice a week and has several tasks that he performs. He handles a machine that cuts up rags, can mow lawns and is busy packing and handling goods under the watchful eye of the staff. It has been a very happy and fulfilling partnership and obviously, Uniting Care Geelong are a great organization to volunteer with. We thank them for their part in this happy story”

For volunteer opportunities please contact Elizabeth at Uniting Care on 03 4210 1113.