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Whether it’s finding it hard to pay the electricity bill, finding fresh and nutritious food, having a safe place to sleep or facing barriers to getting a job or obtaining an education, there are thousands in our community who are calling out for help!

We’re putting out the MAYDAY call!

There are many ways to get involved this May and help those in need!



About the MAYDAY Appeal:

The Geelong / G21 region has always been a close-knit community – one that bands together and supports those who need it most.  Led by the bay 93.9 crew (and our favourite Seal – Alex), the MAYDAY Appeal is Geelong’s Appeal.  It’s about people in our community supporting those in need in our community.

This May, we need your help to raise funds for Geelong’s most vulnerable people at their time of need.  We ask everyone to please dig deep and donate to help those most vulnerable in our community.

  • Become a MAYDAY Challenger by donating $1 a day in May and encourage others to do the same.
  • Register your team for the Footy Colours Morning Tea, Thursday, 17 May
  • Register your business or organisation for a MAYDAY Tin
  • Join us at our events Auction @ the Mill and the bay 93.9 MAYDAY Trivia Night
  • Donate your $31 (or any amount you choose!) here