2022 – 2023: Our Impact

Since 1954 the Give Where You Live Foundation has worked to assist people experiencing crisis, promote food security and improve education and employment opportunities across the G21 region.

The 2022 – 2023 financial year saw the Give Where You Live Foundation invest over $2.6 million into the Geelong community.

The Foundation knows that the current systems in our community do not serve everyone. To create change within our community we need to think and work differently.

In line with our 2030 Strategy, over the past year the Foundation has continued to evolve with changing community conditions and expectations. Our ambition is to build our own ‘ecosystem of activities for change’ that do not limit us to specific roles but see us use all of our resources to undertake a wide range of activities that help catalyse positive social change.

While the Foundation has continued to invest $1.5 million in funding through grants to the community, we have also continued to increase investment in delivering our own change initiatives.

These programs include our GROW initiative, Feed Geelong, the Community Choice voucher program and our latest initiative, The Paddock. It is through this work that we will ensure greater equity of opportunity in our community so that all people and places thrive.

Read more about our impact in the Geelong community in our 2022 – 2023 Impact Report

Give where you live 23 Impact report Snapshot1