Social participation for local brain cancer patients

Peace of Mind Foundation exists to improve the quality of life for local brain cancer patients and their families by providing financial, emotional, and practical hands on support during this time of crisis.

Peace of Mind Foundation helps alleviate everyday stresses by supplying not only monetary assistance but also hands on help at home, in hospital and throughout the whole journey.

Thanks to your donations Peace of Mind Foundation recently received a Give Where You Live Foundation grant of $8,710 to help improve the social participation, mental well-being and isolation of the local brain cancer community, through the purchase of iPads.

This iPad program will assist by regularly connecting socially and financially disadvantaged patients and their families into their online nationwide support groups, information forums, individual counselling sessions, and supportive care coordination meetings.

One of the local patients recently diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer has been loaned one of the iPads and has been able to join online support groups and counselling sessions.

As an added bonus, the Peace of Mind team thought they would surprise her with a video from one of her favourite stars while she was enjoying the recent Australian Open.  An enormous thank you to tennis champ Roger Federer who dropped in on her iPad with a recorded video message which truly made her day.