Connecting to Education through the Arts

Children of all ages and backgrounds can disengage from their education for a number of reasons, and the closure of on-site learning due to the pandemic has affected many students across our region, leading to disconnection from their education, their family, and friends.

The Song Room is a for-purpose organisation that provides transformative Arts Learning programs in schools across the country. The curriculum-aligned programs help keep students engaged in their education and are independently proven to support the social-emotional well-being of participating students.

Thanks to your generosity, The Song Room has been able to deliver their program to the students at Newcomb Park Primary School.  This year a $19,978 grant has enabled the delivery of an in-school music program at Newcomb Park Primary School to help students connect to their learning and create a closer school community.

The Song Room’s wonderful Teaching Artist, Jose Mesquita started the program by running African drumming classes at the school, providing new Arts Learning opportunities to the students from Foundation Level to Year 6 – and they loved it!

When the school abruptly closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, students and teachers were determined to continue their Song Room program from home.

 Despite it being a difficult year for many, teachers have been full of praise for Jose and the program, showing how the Song Room’s work with students has a broader effect on teachers, parents, and the school community.

Thanks to The Song Room’s program, the school now has stronger ties to students and their families, with parents more engaged in school activities than ever before.

Newcomb Park Principal, Jackie Haines praised the program and its affect on students stating “There has been lots of positive feedback from students and teachers about the experience, and stronger ties with families. Students especially enjoyed specialist subject areas – Song Room, art.”