Social Procurement: a win, win

Shortly after starting their social procurement journey, The Norris Group connected with Good Cycles, and a partnership was formed.

The Norris Group is a local family-owned and operated Civil Construction company with over 220 staff, and has been a member of the GROW network since 2018.

Good Cycles is a social enterprise focused on employment pathways and opportunities for disadvantaged youth. Operating since 2013, and in Geelong since early 2019 (when they also joined GROW), they are involved in retail (bike shops), asset maintenance, and last-mile logistics.

The two organisations first spent time understanding each other, building relationships and registering all aspects of their respective jobs and workplaces. In a matter of months, they had collaborated to develop the processes and protocols needed to support new, young trainees – further aiding existing supervisors to better understand their role. Good Cycles continued to offer mentoring on-site throughout the process.

This partnership has led to a range of outcomes, including 158 hours of supported employment for three different Good Cycles trainees, who have each received valuable insights into the construction industry, horticulture, and discovered new pathways.

For The Norris Group, the partnership has been vital for insights into job carving across the organisation to suit entry-level staff, how to sustain and support them and of course, helping change the lives of three young people.