Feed Geelong Appeal October 2020

It’s estimated that approximately 2,000 meals a day are distributed by the Geelong Food Assistance Network, 365 days a year.  We know that current pandemic conditions have made this situation much, much worse; organisations assisting those in need have struggled to obtain donated food, crucial volunteers have had to step away and the demand on services has increased, with many in your community finding themselves in need of assistance for the first time.

The Give Where You Live Foundation’s Feed Geelong initiative provides vital financial assistance to this food assistance network.


Mark is no stranger to accessing food assistance and has been a client of the Geelong Food Relief Centre over the past 6 years.  Struggling to secure full-time employment, Mark has often commented that he has no idea where he would be today if it wasn’t for the food assistance – and friendship – offered by the staff and volunteers of the Geelong Food Relief Centre’s mini-mart.

After paying his bills, Mark often finds, he does not have a lot of money left over to purchase food.  Mark loves visiting the Geelong Food Relief Centre because he feels welcome and it is like shopping at any other supermarket.  He finds the variety great and can purchase everything he needs to prepare his meals.

The Geelong Food Relief Centre has been the recipient over the years of several Feed Geelong Grants, Give Where You Live Foundation Community Grants, is a partner of the Foundation’s Direct Assistance Voucher Program and was the recipient of a 2020 Emergency Grant which was matched by the Anthony Costa Foundation.

Centre CEO, Colin Peebles commented that the Foundation’s support has enabled the Centre to purchase critical infrastructure such as new freezers essential to house volume frozen products in the mini-marts.

You can assist people just like Mark to access food with dignity through a donation today to the Feed Geelong Appeal, please make your online donation now here
Find out more about Feed Geelong at the website here