Solve – custom solutions assisting those living with a disability

Community connections are part of the Give Where You Live Foundation’s DNA.  Music is a known connector of the community; it can connect, cross boundaries, and bring joy and inclusion.

A Foundation grant enabled Solve Disability Solutions volunteer Tim, create an inclusive musical experience for those living with a disability in the Greater Geelong community as a part of the Scope Day Program by modifying the musical equipment.

Tim made modifications to several musical instruments making them accessible for those with multiple disabilities. These modifications include a wrist rest to help the keyboard player with improved hand movement and provide the correct height above the keyboard – as well as the specially branded “Rockheads” bench (made by Tim) that improves access to the keyboard for someone in a wheelchair.

Solve has been providing Victorians and their families with therapy services and assistance technologies since 1975 to help people of all ages and abilities.  The local team provides commercial products and solutions or customise solutions and products to assist those with special needs to perform tasks that they otherwise would not be able to do.

Tim and fellow Solve volunteers and staff have helped to greatly reduce social isolation and build the resilience of participants within greater Geelong – whether that be at home, work school, or the broader community via the provision of highly customised equipment that meets their individual needs – a perfect example of what the Give Where You Live Foundation is working to achieve through community connections.

Thanks to your donations, the Foundation was proud to provide Solve Disability Solutions and the Scope Day Program with a $10,000 Community Connections Grant last year – to ensure the continuation of such a crucial program that helps people such as those who have enjoyed the music program through Assisted Technologies.