Supporting stroke survivors to return to work

Did you know that every 10 minutes, an Australian will have a stroke?

In the Geelong / G21 Region there were approximately 700 people who have experienced a stroke over the past year?

For stroke survivors, such a traumatic experience can often severely impact their lives – that some adjustments need to be put in place in order to live in a new normalcy.

As part of creating a stroke survivor’s new normalcy, the Stroke Association of Victoria aims to provide every stroke survivor and carer the opportunity to re-engage with their community by providing access to information, peer support and recovery activities including the Stay at Work Program.

With thanks to your donations, The Stroke Association of Victoria received a grant of $23,400 from the Give Where You Live Foundation to support the Stay at Work program. The program supports working age stroke survivors to re-engage in and sustain employment.

For Frank, the Stay at Work Program was important in helping him return to work.

Since his stroke in April 2018, Frank had been anxious about returning to work as a truck driver, especially as his job entails a great deal of movement.

After months of thinking that he had no option but to resign, it was through conversations with Chris, The Stroke Association’s Stay at Work Coordinator that Frank was able to overcome his anxiety to approach his workplace regarding returning to work.

 “I couldn’t have gone back to work without the support I received. I was nervous to go back to work and nervous to talk to my boss. The Stroke Association made it easier for me and got me going again after six months of not working.  They were there for me.”

Although Frank lives in Colac, Chris was able to facilitate a conversation between Frank and his employer. Surprisingly for Frank, his employer was happy to provide him with an alternative role, one that would be office based, as he continues his recovery.