Hopeful for a better future

Since November 2018, Caleb has been a resident at Foundation 61, which helps people that are struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

Caleb’s struggle with heavy drug addiction started at the age of 23 when he lost his partner.

“I am 41 years of age, I had been taking drugs for 23 years. I had a great childhood.  At the age of around 17 or 18 I started going out to clubs with friends and taking drugs just for fun on weekends.”

“Then at 23, the love of my life passed away. I believed I had dealt with his passing. I started taking drugs more frequently and by 33 years of age I was in jail. When I got out of jail I found it hard to find employment, so I started dealing drugs which led to 7 ½ years of selling and using ice. In November 2018 I realised enough was enough and got in touch with Foundation 61 via stepping up.”

Thanks to your donations, a $30,000 grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation allows Foundation 61 to assist people who are struggling with life issues by providing them with supported accommodation and programs that assist with substance recovery and skill development. These programs aim to empower these individuals so that they can successfully reintegrate and contribute back to their society.

“Since being at Foundation 61 I have learnt a lot about myself I am learning about who I truly am as a person. I have learnt skills to deal with my behaviour. I am learning that I am important and that I am worthy of a decent normal life. Through Foundation 61 I have be dealing with my partners death and have learnt that by taking drugs I was just blocking out reality and living in a world where I didn’t have to deal with my own emotions.”

“If it wasn’t for Foundation 61 I would never have realised that I could have a fulfilling happy life without drugs.”

This grant provided 63 men, including Caleb, with rehabilitation and residential care.