Supporting those experiencing homelessness

Thanks to your donations, Uniting is assisting to find homes for members of our community who are experiencing homeless and ensure those who are at risk of becoming homeless do not lose their accommodation.

A $30,000 grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation supports a Case Worker at Uniting who will advocate for, support and provide specialist expertise as well as helping to provide the immediate means for those in need to get back on their feet.

Recent Census data (2016) shows there are approximately 860 people in our region experiencing homelessness including those who are sleeping rough in improvised dwellings or tents, or sleeping without shelter. Uniting is currently averaging over 40 calls each month from people seeking homelessness and housing assistance.

To support those who are sleeping rough and do not have adequate access to nutritious food, Uniting has recently been providing hampers that come in an insulated bag and contain staple foods, plastic cutlery, bowls and plates. Food included in the hampers is easily transportable, has easy access packaging and requires minimal preparation.

Unable to pay their rent and secure another affordable private rental property, Karen and Greg had no choice but to sleep in their car and buy takeaway food.

This was putting a lot of stress on their limited budget but through a hamper provided by Uniting was able to provide them with hygiene items, a camp stove and a cooking pan to assist them with immediate meal preparation and living needs.

The worker also lodged public housing applications on their behalf and prepared documents for private rental applications.

Karen and Greg were overjoyed with the hamper and the assistance received. It made a big difference for them. While they are still experiencing homelessness, their comfort and finances have improved and they are positively pursuing housing solutions.