Educating young children to keep safe

Thanks to your donations, Bravehearts received a $10,000 grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation to enable Bravehearts to continue to deliver Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show at an affordable cost, educating and equipping Geelong children with vital personal safety skills for life.

Geelong Bravehearts’ education team presented Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure incursion to a total 15 kindergartens and 16 primary schools. As a result, 2,244 children have been educated. The show teaches vital personal safety skills to children aged 3-8 and is a key element of Bravehearts’ Mission to prevent child sexual assault in our society.

Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure Show is a 40-minute live production that effectively builds resilience and self-esteem whilst also teaching strategies and skills to stay safe in a variety of situations ranging from bullying and domestic violence to child sexual assault. The star of the show is Ditto the friendly lion cub mascot who guides children in an interactive, non-confrontational manner through content including warning signs, identifying their private parts and their privacy as well as empowering them with knowledge around sharing secrets and teaches them what action to take if they ever feel unsafe or unsure.

A comment from Maria Borley, Wellbeing Leader at Christ the King School:

“We have been very fortunate to have had Bravehearts come to our school on a regular basis for many years and each time you visit the message you deliver is as relevant, powerful, meaningful and empowering as it was the first time you visited,”

With 1 in 5 children experiencing some form of child sexual harm before their 18th birthday, education and providing kids with easy to remember strategies to identify and respond to both safe and unsafe situations has never been more important.