Investing in our community – $2 million to help Geelong’s most vulnerable people

The Give Where You Live Foundation is thrilled to present its work and annual philanthropic investment in excess of $2 million, including $1.3 million in community grants into the Geelong/G21 community.

Our 2018 grants are allocated to organisations working within our grant program areas of Live & Learn, Live & Earn and Survive & Thrive (which include grants under the Feed Geelong program).

The Foundation’s investment includes our own strategic regional programs such as the GROW initiative, ENGAGE – Youth in Philanthropy and Feed Geelong.

The Foundation believes that if someone has an adequate education to obtain a sustaining and sustainable job and without being affected by a life crisis, then generally speaking they will not be affected by disadvantage.  The Foundation’s support aims to assist those for whom this is not the case.

View an overview of the 2018 Grants and Innovation Grants here.

View a summary of the 2018 Give Where You Live Grant Recipients here.