Helping men in crisis to overcome their addiction

Thanks to your donations, men who are dealing with life-controlling issues (usually associated with drug and alcohol addiction) are being supported in a long term residential rehabilitation program at Foundation 61.

Eleven years ago, when Foundation 61 first started, the major problem confronting Foundation 61 was alcohol addiction. Since then a series of manufactured drugs have hit the streets and we have seen a change in the nature of the people coming to Foundation 61 for assistance. Today 80% of those presenting for a chance at rehabilitation are ICE users. Only 20% are addicted to alcohol or other “traditional” drugs such as marijuana.

With thanks to your donations, a $30,000 grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation continues to assist Foundation 61 in supporting men such as Lee.

Hi all, my name is Lee and this is a bit of my story.

My poison was Amphetamines, both Speed and ICE.

After a workplace accident back in 2013 my use started off on weekends. I couldn’t feel the pain, but I could also get out and about and be a somewhat functional parent to two beautiful stepchildren and enjoyed life as much as I possibly could considering my injury.

Daily and weekly visits to the doctors, specialists, pain management, physio, myotherapy wasn’t allowing me to function much and my mobility soon declined. Pain medication was sufficient but only for the short term. I discovered shortly after I started using ICE that I didn’t feel pain and could move around a great deal more without pain and frustration.

What I did not realise was I was losing everything else around me too.  Friends grew further away; family and close friends soon withdrew completely and ultimately, I lost everything. My only friend left, and partner of ten years couldn’t take it anymore and left with her children. My world crumbled.

I can honestly say without a doubt that if I hadn’t reached out in amidst my self-destruction to Foundation 61 I would not be here today.  Now exactly one year later I’ve faced my ultimate Demon, myself. I have been given the chance to change my life. I have developed tools I never thought possible and grown in forgiveness and empathy. I like who I am again now and am looking forward to the future and what it brings me.

Thank you, Foundation 61.