Thanks To You, I Can Use My Voice

With thanks to your donations a grant of $15,000 has enabled 150 children aged 5-12 years at Whittington Primary School are developing their language skills, social connectedness and staying engaged in their learning through a drama education performance program run by Western Edge Youth Arts.

Western Edge Youth Arts received a $15,000 grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation to implement the program which led to a fantastic community performance based on Arabian Nights in the school hall with costumes and lights! All of the children took part and over a hundred parents came as well as children from the local pre-school.

The children loved the experience and gained confidence and proficiency in oral language, a vital component of literacy. The program also allowed young people to share their voice as one of the grade 5/6 children commented:

“Thank you for teaching us to us our voices, now I feel that people will hear me and understand me. Thanks to you I can use my voice, instead of keeping it in, with drama I feel as if I can let it out. Drama is a cool, really cool, experience for me. I’m more of a quiet person who doesn’t like to use my voice out loud. Thank you for teaching me to use my voice. I really appreciate it.”