Providing a voice within the community for disability









Back to Back Theatre works to increase social inclusion and enhance the general health and wellbeing of adults living with disabilities in the Geelong region by providing artistic Community Programs.

A $30,000 grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation enables Back to Back Theatre to offer those often marginalised from mainstream society the opportunity to explore their personal, artistic and professional potential, develop their skillset and make exceptional pieces of art.

With support from Creative Victoria, ensemble member Scott Price developed the PRICE blog, a series of interviews on the theme of provocation, in response to the frequent questions the Back to Back ensemble get as to whether they understand the work they are making. Reaching an audience of 25,000 after his interview with ABC TV, the blog has been instrumental in taking Back to Back’s Community Programs to a new platform and increasing audiences and impact.

On the back of this success, Scott was approached by ABC TV to discuss his experience as a professional actor. With approximately 1 million people tuning in, this was a remarkable opportunity to demonstrate the artistic and professional achievements of those at Back to Back, profile the rich cultural life of Geelong and promote positive attitudinal change.

In Australia, people with disabilities are half as likely to be employed as people without disability and one of the most significant reasons for this exclusion is societal attitudes. With the support of the Give Where You Live Foundation, Back to Back works to present the unique and idiosyncratic voices of our participants and ensemble, demonstrate the remarkable potential of all individuals to our society and advocate for a more inclusive, healthier and happier community.

Watch the ABC’s 7.30 Report here.