5 reasons to become a Community Grant Review Panellist

Have you ever thought you’d like to help your community but not sure how?

Every year, the Give Where You Live Foundation provides a unique opportunity for community members from all walks of life to help assess and allocate our grants, to have a say on where their donations should go.



1. Learn more about your community
Did you know that approximately 742 people identify as homeless in the G21 region?* Or that the equivalent of 1000 meals are distributed throughout Geelong every day of the year to those in need? **

By participating in the Foundation’s community grant review panel, you will gain insight into the work of our community partners and have your say in ensuring your donations are being used to meet needs that are important to the community.

 2. Help the Give Where You Live Foundation
Assisting our community for over 60 years, the Give Where You Live Foundation aims to address one of our community’s most complex and entrenched social issues – disadvantage.

Part of addressing this is through providing grants for the delivery of services and programs impacting the root causes of disadvantage. Your involvement as a community grant review panellist will allow us to remain committed to transparency and accountability by inviting members of the general public to assess and allocate our grants.

3. It’s easy!
Taking up only a couple of hours a week throughout the month of May, as a reviewer you will be asked to read and provide feedback on 3-5 grant applications and participate in a panel discussion session. Reviewers are highly encourage to participate in these discussions sessions with other members of their panel (reviewers who have read and assessed the same applications).

4. Great personal development opportunity
You will be put on a panel alongside a small number of people from all walks of life with different backgrounds, skill-sets and interests, this is a great opportunity to gain a new professional experience. Don’t forget, you’re welcome to pop this unique experience on your resume!

5. A great chance to give back and make a difference
The Geelong / G21 region has always been a close knit community – one that bands together. Your participation as a community grant review panellist gives you the chance to not only learn what is happening to the vulnerable people in our region but also the chance for you to give back and make a difference.

Become a Community Grant Review Panellist now



* G21 Region Profile, G21 – Geelong Region Alliance, October 2014

** Food for Thought Report, Give Where You Live Foundation, 2014