Another Classic Year!

Give Where You Live are thrilled to announce that over $110,000 was raised at this year’s E&S Trading Golf Classic for Give Where You Live. Give Where You Live would like to extend their congratulations to the winning team including players Tim Ollis, Michael Campbell, Ashley Walker and Andrew Spence from Steve’s Discount Carpets. “The Classic gets better every year thanks to generosity of our loyal sponsors and players who have been supporters of this event for 23 years now” Give Where You Live CEO Bill Mithen said. Since its inception in 1991 the event has raised in excess of $1.3 million for the Geelong Community.


Congratulations to the winners

First Place Steve‘s Discount Carpets
Tim Ollis, Michael Campbell,
Ashley Walker, Andrew Spence

Second Place The Sands
Paddy Handbury, Billy Brownless,
Ian Cover, Andrew Startin

Third Place Blood Toyota

Todd Sainty, Ryan Chwalko,
Gary Trewin, Ross McFarlane