Urban Seed Neighborhood Kitchen

Give Where You Live are proud to support Urban Seed by supporting Norlane-based community development projects including a Neighbourhood Kitchen, weekly community meals and the People’s Pantry.

‘Liz’, a Norlane resident has been through a lot, including the death of her young son. “I’ve been to hell and back” she says. But for a year and a half Liz has volunteered with the Longroom community in Norlane, run by community development organisation Urban Seed. “Working here is good – we always have lots of laughs,” says Liz.

“When I come here I’m actually doing something, not just sitting at home on my own. And I love working in the kitchen.” Through a Feed Geelong Appeal grant, the Longroom kitchen has been supplied with two new ovens. This kitchen sits at the heart of Urban Seed’s work in Norlane, which helps local people to realise just how strong and resilient they are. Liz is emerging as a leader in the local community and recently ran a Longroom community meeting for the first time, which was a great feeling. “Transformation is when there is positive change happening around the place,” says Liz. “Like new ovens and new people.” And, we might add: new hope.