VIVA Geelong

Give Where You Live welcomes Viva Energy Australia to Geelong having recently bought the Geelong Refinery. Whilst ownership has changed, the commitment to support the community is as strong as ever.

“2014 has been a momentous year for the Geelong refinery and our community, with manufacturing hit by

tough times, affecting many people. We are grateful that the refinery, now owned by Viva Energy Australia, continues to help power our economy.  The same people who worked for Shell at the refinery now work

for Viva Energy – and the fuels made continue to be sold as Shell branded products. More than 500 people work for the refinery and for the contractor companies that service it. Our refinery makes 50% of Victoria’s and 30% of South Australia’s fuel plus specialty products like bitumen and solvents. While ownership has changed, we remain strong supporters of our community.  The refinery and Give Where You Live have been bound together since both began in 1954, always supporting the less fortunate in our region. That remains a key part of who we are and what we stand for under Viva Energy ownership.  Give Where You Live estimates that Geelong Refinery and employees  have contributed in excess of $4 million – through Workplace Giving,  the Loaned Executive program, many fundraisers, personal volunteering  and of course the refinery is a platinum sponsor – donating $60,000 this year to celebrate the 60 year partnership. We look forward to continuing a great tradition of giving and support.”

Guy Hackwell, Acting General Manager, VIVA Geelong Refinery