Your donations at work

Your donations are helping Give Where You Live support Back to Back Theatre who provides Theatre programs to increase social inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities.
Back to Back Theatre’s local Community Program THEATRE OF SPEED, includes 14 Geelong-based people with disabilities who meet weekly with guest artists to rehearse their theatre making skills.

In June the group invited a number of family, friends, staff and community partners to view their work-in-progress.

Guests witnessed a twisted and tragic love story-come-fairy tale, which drew inspiration from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and the German fairy tale, Rapunzel. The true hero of the story was not entirely clear, but we lean towards the proud nerd and self-confessed gaming leader, who interjected at a time of adversity and delivered a powerful speech on morality.

The group felt elated by the positive feedback they received and valued the experience they gained from performing to a small, in-house audience. Phoebe, who played the role of a kind vampire, said, “I was a little nervous but I had all my Back to Back friends to cheer me on. I feel more confident about performing in front of people now. I would love to do it again. It was great fun.”