Educating, empowering, protecting kids.

Bravehearts is a national children’s charity dedicated to the prevention of child sexual assault. There is a Bravehearts Education Team now based in Geelong with the main focus of their work being personal safety and the protection of children. 1 in 5 children will be sexually assaulted in some way before they turn 18 with 85% of perpetrators being known to the child.

The education team, consisting of three experienced primary school teachers, and Ditto, the brave lion cub mascot has just had the 11,000th child see their “Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure show”. This is a fun, interactive non threatening show for kindergarten and junior primary school children empowering them to speak up and giving them personal safety skills. All school children receive an activity book after the show to ensure these important personal safety messages are also reinforced in the classroom and at home. |11,000th child

The Bravehearts team also educates parents and teachers so that they have the confidence and knowledge to support any child who may choose them as a trusted person to turn to for help. Give Where You Live provides $19,824 to Bravehearts. This will assist them to deliver to 2000 children in Geelong, the “Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure” school based personal safety program aimed at reducing the incidence of child sexual assault. As one mother who attended a Bravehearts show with her child at the Teesdale kindergarten said “What a fantastic program designed to empower the children, not scare them”.

It’s a shame that society requires this education, however this is a positive strategy to help the children understand what’s right and wrong and gives them permission to tell someone who they trust.
“I’m a mental health nurse and appreciate your presentation targeted to these young children.”

Bravehearts is on a mission to break the silence, to empower victims, to educate children, parents and teachers, to raise awareness and ultimately to make Australia the safest place in the world to raise a child.