Join us 25 November at the


With guest speaker, Peter Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Cotton On.

Established in 1991 as a small Geelong based family-run business and now a global brand, the Cotton On Group has maintained a focused, passionate and hands-on business built around a solid set of ethics and a commitment to making responsible social and corporate decisions.

What is BIG?

Geelong’s Small-Medium Business (SME) owners know only too well of the challenges they face to remain competitive and profitable while being a great community contributor, supporting the community in which they operate?

Do you say “Yes” to every request for donations? Do you make one substantial donation per year, which can be tough on cash-flow?

What if there was a way of making a small monthly donation to a philanthropic organisation which then ensures those funds reach the most disadvantaged in our community?

 This is the chance for Geelong’s Small to Medium Enterprises to think BIG. Join a growing list of businesses and become a BIG member today.

 RSVP Monday Nov 18 –  fax 03 4206 7026 or call 03 5229 4364