Leisure Networks: sportsaccess

Thanks to the generous grant provided through Give Where You Live, Leisure Networks sportsaccess program has enabled young people from disadvantaged communities in Corio/Norlane and Whittington/East Geelong to access a sporting club of their choice.  The program linked young people into clubs, and funded memberships, registrations, uniforms and essential equipment items to participate in a club for a 6-month season.

The impact the program has made on the 55 young people supported through the program has been anecdotally reported through club, family and school feedback.  Families are recognising the importance of sport and recreation participation, and for the most part have been extremely appreciative of the support provided through the sportsaccess program.  As one parent stated ‘without sportsaccess, he just would not have been able to do swimming lessons’, and another said ‘We are hoping to keep on coming here after the funding finishes’.

One of the families from Newcomb Park Primary School had an opportunity to enrol both sons at Breakwater Eagles Football Club playing soccer. The sportsaccess funding entitled each son to receive $250 which covered registration fees, player socks, soccer boots and shin guards.

The mother of the two boys, was very thankful for the sportsaccess program and has explained the changes she noticed in her two sons since they became involved in the soccer club.  She noticed a “major transformation in Bryce (pictured) since he started, his confidence has risen due to discovering soccer is something he excels at. He is excited and motivated to improve his soccer skills each time he is at training and on game day”.  She went on to further explain “he feels good and proud of something and puts in effort each week and never gives up”.

Sportsaccess has shown it has the ability to strengthen community connections, increase participation rates and provide a safe environment for children to link to a sporting club in their local neighbourhood.

For further information on the sportsaccess program, please contact the Sportsaccess Project Officer at Leisure Networks on 5222 3911