Give Where You Live grants to feed Geelong

The Give Where You Live Foundation is excited to announce its latest grant round will provide over $215,000 in funding to 13 local organisations to help create a fairer community across the Geelong region.

With this latest funding, the Foundation’s grants issued during the 23/24 financial year, now exceeds $1 million dollars.  

The 13 local organisations will receive grants of up to $20,000 to support people in our community, with a focus on two of the Foundation’s key areas of Food Security and Homelessness Assistance.

Read all about the grant recipients here.

Funding for grants directed towards supporting food security across the region, is partially made possible by public donations received in the Foundation’s 2023 Feed Geelong Appeal.

Foundation CEO Bill Mithen said the impact of these grants will help provide much needed support to food relief and homelessness agencies across the Geelong region.

“As the cost of groceries and living expenses continue to rise, so does the number of people in our community reaching out to food relief and homelessness agencies for support.”

“Through our Community Choice Program, the Foundation collects real time data and over the past three months we’ve seen a 15% increase in the number of people who are seeking support due to cost of living pressures.”

“Late last year the Foundation also released our ‘Food for Thought’ research report, revealing the increasing demand and challenges facing food relief agencies in the G21 region. Data in that report showed that 90% of Geelong food relief agencies were experiencing service demand growth over the past year, with 63% also reporting that clients needs have become more complex.”

“These latest grants will support 13 local community organisations including the Geelong Food Relief Centre, The Outpost, Lazarus Community Centre and Samaritan House to help provide much needed food relief and homelessness support for individuals and families in our community.”

“These grants are only possible thanks to our generous donors, corporate partners, thousands of workplace givers and other supporters and we thank them for helping the Foundation to create a fairer G21 region,” Mr Mithen said.

One of the 13 grant recipients is Christ Church, who will receive a $7,200 grant for their Community Meals Program to promote healthier eating habits by ensuring they can offer people at least two pieces of fresh fruit with their meal.

For over 30 years Christ Church Community Meals Program has provided access to nutritious food for those most in need in our community. Like so many food relief agencies across our region, Christ Church Community Meals Program is run entirely by volunteers.

They provide free breakfast seven days a week and an evening meal every Monday and Wednesday night. Those who come to Christ Church for a meal are welcomed regardless of their circumstances and for some, the meal they receive may be their main meal of the day, while for others it is their only meal.

Christ Church Community Meals Coordinator Jan McGowan said the latest grant will help ensure they can continue providing healthy and nutritious food choices to the increasing number of people accessing their service.

“Fresh fruit is a fundamental requirement in any healthy diet. We are incredibly grateful for the funding from the Give Where You Live Foundation which is helping to ensure that everyone in our community has access to healthy food options.”

“We can now have regular access to fruits like bananas, which are crucial for many of the people who visit us and have poor dental health because they are softer and easier to eat compared to fruits like apples. And while we regularly receive donations of fruit, rarely are rescued bananas suitable to be served as fresh fruit.”

“This grant comes at a critical time as the number of people seeking food relief through our Community Meals Program continues to increase. Breakfast is our most popular meal and we recently served a record 69 people.”

“This grant is not just making a difference; it’s making it possible,” Jan said.

To address the challenges our community is now facing, the Foundation undertake a range of change initiatives, actions and support, in addition to grant funding. Last financial year the Foundation invested $2.6 million into the Geelong community through these diverse range of activities.

See below for the full list of recipients in the latest grant round:


Organisation Grant amount
3216 Connect $4,000
Bellarine Living & Learning Centre $20,000
Christchurch Community Meals $7,200
Drysdale Family Support $20,000
Farm My School $20,000
Feed Me Inc $20,000
Hesse Rural Health $20,000
Lazarus Community Centre $20,000
Samaritan House $20,000
The Geelong Food Relief Centre $20,000
The Outpost $19,000
Uniting Vic and Tas $20,000
Wesley Church Geelong $5,000


To read about all the projects these grants will be funding, see the full list here