Your donations at work: Uniting’s mobile food relief service

Uniting Vic strive to make a difference for individuals, families and communities by connecting with people experiencing homelessness, addiction or mental health issues.

The Give Where You Live Foundation has been proud to support Uniting Vic over the past two years with grants totalling $80,000.

A $40,000 grant received in 2022, funded a Housing and Homelessness Worker during that year in the Barwon region to support people experiencing housing insecurity.

Almost 200 people who were at risk of homelessness were provided with information, advice, resources and supported to secure emergency accommodation, private rentals and short term accommodation at hostels, hotels and caravan parks.

Over the year Uniting Vic saw an increased number of people presenting as rough sleepers. They supported these people by providing them with a purpose built back pack equipped with basic essentials for living rough- a thermos flask, tent, solar light, sleeping bag, blankets and warm clothes. They were also provided with vouchers for food and petrol and linked with other service providers for additional support.

In May 2023 the Foundation provided Uniting Vic with another $40,000 of funding to enable them to pilot a mobile emergency relief service for the Barwon region. The mobile service aims to provide food relief, material aid, and act as a gateway to other support services.

Thanks to your donations, this pilot is now underway with ‘Uniting food relief on the move’ operating in partnership with Rosewall Community Centre. Offering food relief direct to the community, this warm and inviting service is working on supporting basic needs and creating community connection.


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