2022 Education & Employment grant round now open

Applications for the Give Where You Live Foundation’s 2022 Education & Employment Grant Round open today until 1 September 2022.

Community organisations delivering projects to benefit the G21 region are invited to apply for grants up to a maximum of $40,000.

Education and Employment are keys pillars in the Foundation’s strategy to create a fairer G21 community where all people and places thrive.

Kerry Farrance, Head of Impact said the Foundation’s Education and Employment grants aim to ensure that every person in our region has the support and access they need to set and achieve their education and employment goals.

“We know that having access to education and quality employment opportunities help support people to participate in their community and improve their life outcomes.”

“Unfortunately, there are many areas in our community where people don’t have equal access, so these grants focus on increasing opportunity and helping reduce inequality,” said Kerry.

Funding focuses on eight key outcome areas to create fairer access to education and employment across our region.


  1. Parent engagement – supporting the important role parents play in their child’s learning.
  2. Early Years Learning – supporting and enhancing children’s learning age 0-5 years and ensuring they are ready to enter school.
  3. Transitions – ensuring that children and young people experience successful transitions that support their learning.
  4. Disengaged Young People – supporting young people to reengage in learning to support their life aspirations.


  1. Employment Readiness – supporting the skills and resources needed for people to be able to get a job.
  2. Employment Pathways – supporting people into appropriate and meaningful employment pathways.
  3. Supporting Job Retention – assisting with problem solving of barriers to ensure ongoing and sustainable employment.
  4. Supported Employment – provision of appropriate, ongoing support for individuals that is necessary for success in a competitive work environment.

For more information on applying for an Education & Employment grant click here.

Join the Community Grant Review Panels

Ms Farrance said the Foundation was also calling for volunteers to join the Community Grant Review Panels to review the 2022 Education and Employment Grants.

“Volunteering for the Community Grant Review Panels is a great opportunity for people in the community to learn more about the issues and the organisations creating change in our region and a chance to provide feedback on where community donations are allocated.”

The Foundation invites all people living within the G21 Region to apply for this opportunity.

“Anyone from the community regardless of their qualifications and experience can join us to be a Community Grant Review Panellist,” she added.

Community Grant Review Panellists are required to read 3-4 grant applications and attend a discussion with other panellists to provide feedback on allocating funding to applicants.

For more information on applying to be part of the Education & Employment Community Grant Review Panel click here.

Watch the Education and Employment grant information Session below: